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Capture Unforgettable Moments
Classic Booths
Digital Booths w/ Texting
360 Spinning Booths



Fit More People!

Less waiting time, more PARTY Time. The Mojo Booth can fit 10 or more people inside!  Lines go much faster with the Mojo Booth because more guests can fit into each session.You don't have to make 

tough choices when deciding who to take your picture with, entire families and groups of friends can fit inside the booth to make great memories!

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Customer Experience​

Mojo Memory attendants are trained to maximize your experience.  From your first contact with us, we are here to assist you every step of the way. All calls and emails go directly to our owners cell phones

and are responded to quickly. Our staff is professional and courteous, we arrive to every event in appropriate attire and ready to help your guest enjoy the photo booth experience.

Couple with Mobile Phone

Text Pictures to Phone

We make it simple to share photos!

After each session with our digital or 360 photo booths, gests can text the picture to themselves.  Not only do they get their photo session, they get to see all of the guest pictures taken during your event and can easily share them to Social Media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, & Tik Tok


More Fun Inside!

Most photo booths are boring on the inside. Our are fun!  Some have large screens, some are color changing LEDS, we can have enclosures or open air with backdrops.  We have attendents that make sure that everyone has fun!

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